Events during next 15 days in Italy.

You can jump to a separate table for each section of the country: Northeast, Northwest, Central , South and Italy's Mediterranean Islands. Day 1: Trani and Castel del Monte (from Naples or Bari) Day 2: Alberobello, Locorotondo, Martina Franca.

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Re: Weather in Southern Italy in November.

Stop at Eraclea Minoa . 35-50F/2-10C.

The average temperature is no higher than 12C, but that's well above the average temperature in Britain this time of year. Yacht for sale is a 2008 CRN 139' 10" "HANA" Motor Yacht, , Italy. Cities in northern Italy such as Turin, Milan, Bologna, and Venice have average high temperatures of 52 degrees chilly enough for a sweater and a coat.

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Please note: this is a seasonal travel guide about Italy in November, meant to help you decide the best time of the year for your visit.

But November begins the low season.

Incredibly diverse country, made for a 2 week road trip! 5 years ago.


Kings & Queens 7. At night, the temperature drops to a chilly 7C, but during

Christmas markets in Verona opens during late November, and it is pretty romantic.

It is cold and dry and there is too much bread and not enough stuff that isnt bread.


The mountainous eastern and northwestern regions will be colder, hovering around freezing and temperatures toward the coast will be a little warmer. Save. Christmas Break Begins

October is the heart of autumn in Italy.

Average temperatures in central Tuscany around Florence will have cooler temperatures, between 41-59F (5-15C).

Trapani, Agrigento , Siracusa and Taormina will serve you well If you were to find some time, visit the Baroque towns.

Thread starter Marta; Start date Sep 8, 2017; Marta 10+ Posts. Toys City in Como, from 27th November 2021 to 6th January 2022.

The Kingdom of Italy (Italian: Regno d'Italia) was a state that existed from 1861when King Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia was proclaimed King of Italyuntil 1946, when civil discontent led an institutional referendum to abandon the monarchy and form the modern Italian Republic.The state was founded as a result of the Risorgimento under the influence of the Savoy-led Kingdom of Italy is the quintessential Mediterranean cruise destination. Temperatures tend to hover around 14 degrees Celsius (57 Fahrenheit). Hopefully all restrictions will be lifted by November.

Toys City in Como, from 27th November 2021 to 6th January 2022. Its a lively time to be in town. Imperial Germany was formally founded on 1 January 1871 when the south German

Italy Weather and Climate in Italy The country of Italy has a mostly Mediterranean climate characterized by hot, dry summers and cold, rainy winters.

October Parma near Milan and Bologna, Emilia Romagna (Northern Italy) A festival that celebrates soul, pop.


As of summer 2022, the Netherlands is requiring proof of vaccination to enter the country.


More than half of the inhabitants in the area were still illiterate. Overall, temperatures in Italy in October are mild and you can expect a mix of sunny and rainy days. Here's a handful of my favorite pictures.Happy to answer Youll see the last of the sunny and dry early autumn weather by November.

18 Air Temperature. Exploring the rooftop of the Duomo cathedral in Milan, Italy.

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In 2019 the Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo will animate Albas weekends until the 24 th of November, with food, exhibitions, cooking classes and shows.

Abracadabra In Osaka (Elton Dean, Allan Holdsworth, Hugh Hopper, John Marshall) by Soft Works, released 04 December 2020 1. Italy weather in November 2022. During this month, the summer is well and truly over in Italy and while you may still find mild enough temperatures in some localities, especially in the South, you will spend most of your time wearing a jacket and, sometimes, reaching out

The plan is to fly into either Milan or Rome (I've been to Rome so thinking about flying into Milan and staying for a couple of daysnot to mention it's cheaper). The historical importance of the area draws some tourists, while others flock here for the warm Mediterranean climate and island life. The area boasts some of the oldest cities in Italy, as well as a number of important sites from what was once part of Ancient Greece. The armistice of Villa Giusti had been signed in November 1918, a day later Italian troops occupied Tyrol capturing more than 300,000 soldiers without any problem at all. Elsewhere 4. The weather in Sicily in November ranges from tolerable to perfect depending on the destination. 7C min night temperature. Hostel dorm beds in November from 21 per person.

Southern Italy in November.

Central Italy: 7-16C.

Outdoor venues close early with the onset of darkness, and attractions reduce schedules. Cala Biriola, Italy.

All you need to make sure is to pack clothes for all kinds of weather conditions.

Departures (November 2022) +/- 2 days .

Here is your chance to own a beautiful Iron Cross 1st class pin back. We've got 458 adventures going to South Italy, starting from just 3 days in length, and the longest tour is 34 days. At night, the temperature drops to a chilly 7C, but during Departures (November 2023) +/- 2 days . Taste local Sicilian wine on the slopes of snow-capped Mount Etna, learn about the ancient Greek heritage of Agrigento and get lost in the medieval cobbled streets of Erice.

Southern Italy: 13-18C. The average temperature is no higher than 12C, but that's well above the average temperature in Britain this time of year.

November 4. Re: Weather in Southern Italy in November.

A magical City of Toys is created, as kids and their families hurry along to Citt dei Balocchi. Renting the car is the only way to go, and driving is not that bad if you stay out of Palermo and any major town during rush hour. Overall, November is a good time to visit Italy if you like food tours, museum visits and city breaks and not a great one to enjoy the coast or hiking destinations. Here is a look at some of the top destinations in Southern Italy: Cala Biriola, Italy.

Commencement. Save. November sees temperatures drop quite considerably in Sorrento, on southern Italy's Amalfi coast, although the weather remains fairly mild. With two weeks in Italy, you can visit the highlightsRome, Florence, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, and the Cinque Terre.

November is the best time to visit what was once the Italian capital, because this is when the iconic Turin Film Festival is held. $799 Bali Wellness Retreat w/Yoga & Massages Seminyak.

7.4h. Hotels and restaurants begin to close, especially near beach resort areas, and agriturismi as well as family-owned B&Bs begin to close as well. Precipitation totals for November. carciofi alla guidea, or deep fried artichoke, is one of the Romes most beloved Jewish foods. Here is a breakdown of the best things to do in each city, and how to spend your days in this Italian itinerary.

For official information and travel advisory that may affect your trip, please refer to your Government travel advisory.

If you are planning your first trip to Italy, this Italy itinerary is a great place to start. 4 hours of sunshine per day. 12.4d.


Italy has four distinct seasons and temperatures vary by region.

Southern Italy can be a real treat in December. What's the Weather Like in November in Sorrento. November sees temperatures drop quite considerably in Sorrento, on southern Italy's Amalfi coast, although the weather remains fairly mild.

November 23 to 25.

1.5 days rain the rest sunshine (14 days total) low 70's temp-perfect. Its a bit colder and the weather a bit more unpredictable with a high chance of rain, but for most days the weather is pleasant to explore Rome.

Answer 1 of 7: Hi, I am in the midst of planning my honeymoon in Italy and had a few questions.

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The average maximum daily temperature is 18 which is typically moderate but sunbathing may be possible on some days.

The average water temperature is typically 19 which is cool for swimming, shorty wetsuit may

December 12 - Or choose to stay by the sea in one of the old chic authentic Italian towns Puglia has on display.

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December 9.

Venice is a popular destination in Italy, and between the months of October to January, it experiences a seasonal high tide, and together with rains and storms, it leads to a flood (high water aka acqua alta).

Things to do in Italy in November 1. from 9 July 2022 to 9 July 2022 in Cesenatico (Forli-Cesena) RESCHENSEELAUF. Trip code.

Day 6: Venice. Italy (Italian: Italia) is a country in Southern Europe.It is a member of the European Union.Its official name is Repubblica Italiana.The Italian flag is green, white and red.

November is a little too cold to enjoy swimming in Italy for any length of time. November is the rainy season there.

Weather November initially had 29 days. Alphrazallan 3. November is a slightly cold and slightly rainy time for sunbathing in Italy . Bolzano (Dolomites): Max 11C Min 1C.

Learn about the various Southern Italy wine regions with Wine Enthusiast Magazine's easy to use Southern Italy wine guide.

The southern Italian city is one of the best places to visit in the wintertime.


ITSC. South Italy Weather in November: November is also the wettest month in the south, with 140mm of rainfall coming down, though temperatures will be warmer here than they are in the north. In fact, in most places, the weather is still rather comfortable, with temperatures averaging around 13C., and sometimes climbing as high as 17C. November has maximum daytime temperatures ranging from cold in Slva with 4C (39F) to moderate temperatures in Marsala with 21C (69F). Temperature.

Day 7: Amalfi coast return to Rome.

Day 5: Milano.


Discover the quiet elegance of Cuneo (Piemonte) 5.

1 week South Italy itinerary at a glance. Day 7: Venice.

Disembark in Civitavecchia, 50 miles from Rome, and wander the cobblestone streets to see the Roman

The winter months from November to February are not particularly cold in Naples, but it rains a lot. The average water temperature is typically 19 which is cool for swimming, shorty wetsuit may November is autumn in Italy.

In November the average maximum daytime temperatures are moderate and range from 18C (64F) in Pantelleria to 21C (69F) in Marsala .

Convention Bureau Italia and national tourist board ENIT have announced the fourth edition of MICE event Italy at Hand will take place 16-18 November 2022 in Campania Region.

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In terms of temperatures, this is historically what you can expect: Milan: Max 18C Min 11C Rain: 6 days. 5.2 Hrs of Sun / Day.

A Christmas market theme, lets pop over to Aosta, where March Vert Nol is celebrated. It is a time when trees don their autumnal colors and the temperature starts to drop, significantly in the North and on the mountains and more subtly in the Central and Southern Regions of Italy.

November is at the end of the high season with September and October being very popular months to visit Rome.


Average maximum temperature in November (source: The average temperature in Italy in November is: Northern Italy: 2-10C. It is not hot and melty. Turin. In 154 BCE, a rebellion forced the Roman senate to change the beginning of the civil year from March to January 1st. November starts with an Italian national holiday All Saints Day ( Ognissanti or Tutti i Santi in Italian) on November 1. Some places have semi-public festivities around All Saints Day, but for the most part this is the day every year when many Italians visit cemeteries to pay respects to relatives who have died.

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Day 3: Matera.

Festa del Torrone : Cremona hosts this festival dedicated to the citys most notorious export, delicious torrone. 87 helpful votes. 30 Things Nobody Tells You About Quitting Your Job to Travel. Thanksgiving Break.

The best time to visit southern Italy is typically March through May, spring, and September through November, fall. Southern Italy. Just as in the rest of the country, rain is common in the South, too, in November, so come equipped! from 16 July 2022 to 16 July 2022 in Curon Venosta/Graun Im Vinschgau (Bolzano) The authentic word -

Choose from fall, spring and summer travel dates on this Italian getaway with a cooking class.

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North Italy Weather in November: While November can often mean lower rates and few crowds, the trade-off is a lot of grey, rainy days, as the rainiest month in the country. 87 helpful votes.

The weather in Italy throughout November is indeed pleasant.

3 Italy itineraries, including Rome, Florence, Venice, Cinque Terre, Dolomites, Sorrento, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast.

The 2 nd of November is known as All Souls Day, (Il giorno dei Morti in Italian, that is, the day of the Dead), which is very much the same, in cult and cultural heritage, as the South American Da de Los Muertos. In Italy, truffles are known as the star of November Festivals.

45-60F/7-16C. 12.4d. 11.9 Days of Rain. With this exclusive offer, you and a friend can spend 5 nights, or longer, exploring while kicking back in your very own private villa. Attend the International White Truffle Fair in Alba (Piemonte) 4.

Find the right tour package for you through South Italy. Region.

Lecce is a college town that is like a a mini Siena. Day 4: Matera.

Travelling through Morocco during Ramadan. Capo Palinuro is in the National Park of Cilento on Italy's west coast. we did all three in November 2014-weather was fabulous.

Day 2: Rome.

Day 3: Florence. Just returned from a 3 week trip through Italy, Switzerland, and Barcelona. 6.1 Abruzzo; 6.2 Apulia; 6.3 Basilicata; 6.4 Calabria;

Has Riff 10. Day 6: Amalfi Coast.

Nighttime temperatures generally drop to 12C (54F) in Marsala and -3C (26F) in Slva . Maker marked on the reverse by the catch hook.

18. 17C max day temperature. December 17. The weather in Italy in November ranges from poor to perfect depending on the destination. Sagra del Tartufo Bianco: last 3 weekends. I really want to include Rome, Florence/ Tuscany, and one costal destination.

Italy Weather in November.


Check out our Autumn packing list for Tuscany.

The most famous spot is Juliets House.

Southern Italy vacation 1-week Itinerary Option 1 First stop: 2 nights in Alberobello . Central Italy.

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Sicily does shut down in the winter, but you can still have some fun there. Attend the Wine Festival in Merano (Trentino Alto Adige) 6. November will see anywhere from 65 to 80 millimetres of rainfall, so itll be best to wear a In Italy its called a panino, and its just really basic sandwich consisting of bread, cheese, and meat.

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November is when the weather really changes around Tuscany, and Autumn in full swing. March Vert Nol starts from 20th November 2021 to 6th January 2022. Northern Italy. Paninis are an American lie.

we did all three in November 2014-weather was fabulous. We have done Puglia in Spring and absolutely loved it. Administrative divisions of Italy, November 2018 - Regions (black borders) - Comuni (grey borders) In Italy, municipalities are the basic administrative division, and may be properly approximated in casual speech by the English word township or municipality.

The Allied invasion of Italy was the Allied amphibious landing on mainland Italy that took place from 3 September 1943, during the Italian campaign of World War II.The operation was undertaken by General Sir Harold Alexander's 15th Army Group (comprising General Mark W. Clark's American Fifth Army and General Bernard Montgomery's British Eighth Army) and followed the successful

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